Science Team

Anthony Illingworth

Emeritus Professor at the Department of Meteorology, University of Reading
Contribution to WIVERN

He is the PI of the mission and leader of the Wivern research team in Phase 0.

Alessandro Battaglia

Associate Professor at Politecnico di Torino and the University of Leicester
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Contribution to WIVERN

He has expertise in space-borne Doppler radar. He will be in charge of the development of the Level 2 wind products of the mission and of the development of an end to end simulator to assess the performance of the Doppler radar. He will be assisted in his work by: – Dr. Frederic Tridon – Dr. Ali Rizik – Dr. Fabrizio Stesina – Paolo Martire – Filippo Emilio Scarsi

Mary Borderies

CNRM, Météo-France, CNRS
Current position

Since 2020 she is a researcher in the “observation” team in the NWP research division (GMAP) of the CNRM (Météo-France/CNRS). She is in charge of research and developments concerning the operational use of spaceborne active and passive microwave observations in NWP models (monitoring and data assimilation).

Contribution to WIVERN

She is conducting data assimilation experiments in order to assess the impact of WIVERN horizontal line-of-sight wind observations in the global NWP model ARPEGE of Météo-France.

Johannes Bühl

Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research (TROPOS)
Contribution to WIVERN

Evaluation and review of WIVERN wind retrievals and future comparison with ground-based cloud radar and wind profiler data.

Julien Delanoë

Maitre de Conférences at University of Versailles Saint Quentin en Yvelines Paris Saclay and LATMOS
Contribution to WIVERN

He has expertise in cloud radar development, operation and analysis, both ground-based and airborne. He is exploiting the airborne multiple views Doppler cloud radar RASTA to retrieve cloud and precipitation winds. These data are used to contribute to the preparation of the WIVERN mission.

Susanna Hagelin

Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI)
Contribution to WIVERN

Member of the WIVERN MAG with expertise in numerical weather prediction, limited area modelling, data assimilation and ensemble methods.

Maximilian Maahn

Leipzig Institute for Meteorology
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Contribution to WIVERN

Dr. Maahn is interested in how cloud and precipitation measurements from space can be advanced with WIVERN.

Mario Montopoli

National Research Council of Italy, Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate (CNR-ISAC)
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Contribution to WIVERN

Support the requirement document activity, advises on WIVERN radar and radiometer mode system choices.